Mina & Giraldo

Argentine Tango


Minimum age: 18

Argentine Tango with Mina & Giraldo

(Start date: 10th January 2022)
  • Level: Beginner
  • Time: 18:00 – 19:00
  • Fee: £12

Classes bookable HERE from one week ahead.


Mina studied dance from an early age, from ballet, jazz, contemporary dance to folk dancing with a specialization in Argentine Tango. Her dance studies range from postgraduate studies in adult education, Pilates instructor and a Master Degree in Choreography. A dance artist with long and established professionals in the dance world. Her exceptional work has been recognized by the Arts Council of England, Channel 4, the BBC, renowned Latin American and British choreographers and dancers alike.


Mina has performed in the film Evita with Madonna, created choreography for Dance a Channel 4-commissioned film, and collaborated with Deborah Bull’s BBC dance season Travels with my Tutu. In 2015 Mina was chosen to play Lucille in the UK film Crowhurst. She directed artLAT (2003-2012), her main works have included the national touring productions.

Teaching Method and Approach

Argentine Tango’s unique elegance and sophisticated use of musical phrases and stylish footwork is a truly everlasting dance experience. Our effective teaching methods will get you dancing with good posture, balance, body awareness, all in a comfortable/connected couple embrace.


We encourage the understanding of tango as a creative/aesthetic form based on shared codes more clearly represented in the Classic Tango or Tango de Salon. Our specially designed TangoWorkout warm up and precise class structure will get you dancing in good style with clear technique.


TangoWorkout is the technique we have developed for warming ups and body physical preparation.  It responds to our urban life in the 21st Century. Alongside with learning tango sequences or figures we also invite our students to look at their own bodies’ naturally movement to nurture organic connections with the dancing partner.